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Reusable Cloth Pads - Stack Up! Pile Up!

I have been using the cloth pads for a really long period of time. I used it because it was a lot more comfortable and 'to reduce' the waste. So my pad will get even more close to Zero Waste.

My pad has no waterproof layer but you can stack up the layers to prevent overflow or leaking.

Cotton Only Pad

My pads are made with 100% cotton only.

The cotton is biodegradable and cotton can decompose in about 3 ~ 5 months.

No waterproof layer, that contains synthetic material to create textile waste.

Use Interlabial Pad

The interlabial pad is SUPER!! It is light, small but works magic. You have to try!

Request free interlabial pad at any time!

Go to Zero Waste

I use cotton only to make zero waste. I use the paper envelope and biodegradable packing for shipping. I care so I am going to improve better and better.

However, this is something we need to do all together. If you have an idea, please share it with me.

I made the pad with a used towel and clothing for myself. Soon, I will finish my PDF pattern so you can make the pad at home as I did. : )

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