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If you 'LIKE' to make or create things. Be an Etsy Seller!

You never know until you open the door.

Just start what you like and share. Don't be serious.

Start Free!

Open your Etsy shop with the link below,

You will receive 40 free listings on your new Etsy shop.

Easy Set Up!

Shop title - Search what you want to name.

When you search, Etsy gives a search option of 'find shop name containing' end of the listing so take advantage.

You can change most of the information at any time so just start!

Get found on Etsy!

Etsy listing item title is one of the most important places to get your item found.

Search from Etsy to get related keywords and start with the main keyword of what you are selling.

If you are selling 'handmade colorful clay flower bouquet earrings', you should start with clay, flower, and earring as the first few words impact more (actually the most) on searching.

If you listed it as 'Beautiful colorful flower bouquet' it may show someone who is looking for flowers, not earrings so it will reduce the opportunity to sell your items.

We all do web surfing and search for what we want to look at. So, think simple!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?? Just be ready!

Etsy has 5,723,343 results of earrings. I have a few earrings on listing and where might be? Maybe on the 1,074th page? If you are selling earrings, where your listing will be? Oh! You don't have to scroll down to look and tell me. : )

Must be a thousand different algorisms to get Etsy seller's items to be sold so Etsy, Inc. grow and succeed.

If you are selling one of a kind, you will be found with fewer competitions.

Get your creative item ready before you open your shop. One of the strong algorism to bring your listing up is a new listing and new seller.

Be Ready and Jump In!

I love to make & share! I hope I can have some opportunity to do what I like here. Let me know if you have any questions. I am not the expert! I can help you a little with my small experience. : )

I will share my experience on other postings related to Keywords, SEO, Etsy Ad, Free Shipping Guarantee, Etsy Star Seller... Etc.

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