Etsy Star Seller, A new way to reward Etsy sellers

Star Seller is a badge that Etsy rewards to Etsy sellers who consistently provide an excellent customer experience. It

Etsy Star Seller Qualification

This is the qualification criteria for Star Seller, based on the last three months of your shop data:

  • Message response rate: 95%+ of first messages in a thread are responded to within 24 hours. This stat is only considered if you receive new messages during the review period.

  • On-time shipping & tracking: 95%+ of orders ship on time with tracking or with a shipping label purchased on Etsy

  • 5-star ratings: 95%+ of orders receive 5 star reviews

  • You must also meet a minimum of 10 orders and $300 in sales during the 3-month review period, and you must have been on Etsy’s platform for 90 days since your first sale.

Etsy Star Seller Benefits

You will have the Etsy Star Seller reward image to post on social media.

As Etsy stated on the website, Star Seller does not directly impact the ordering of search results. It basically does not impact the sales as it doesn't show when the buyer searches for the item.

It will make it easier for buyers to identify and shop from Star Sellers.